Sunday, February 10, 2019

The isolated elderly - "How are you doing?"

Creative Aging helped our community out with public transportation. Now, they are looking for input on our community isolated seniors.  Those of you who belong to different churches, how you deal with your elderly who are not able to come to church on a regular basis?  Do you have a committee that checks on them by phone or personal visits? Creative Aging is finding that many elderly people do not belong to a church, are alone and may need a  friendly call or may be even a visit.  We have heard of elderly who have no family or close neighbors to check on them. Some times it is too late.  If you have anything to share on this subject, please call Cecile Kinnan at 575.336.7752 or Clara Fara at 575.973.7835

Let's help our elderly neighbors out

AARP magazine showed this website that approaches the subject on isolation   It lays out many of the causes of isolation, health concerns and if you peruse the website you can find many enlightening ideas of how to reach out & help.  

End Social Isolation Among Seniors

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