Thursday, August 25, 2016

After school program - homeschoolers are invited - sign up at the library

Book Club book for September

BOOK CLUB: Thursday September 1st at 10:00
"Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay.

Dual plots follow a ten-year-old Jewish girl who is arrested during a roundup in Paris in 1942. The second plot follows an American journalist living in Paris who is asked to write an article in honor of the 60th anniversary of the roundup.

Book rating: Good read!

War of the Words declared between HAL and Sharon @ the library

(HAL keeps a diary!!!!  To boast? This really means WAR.)
HAL continues to send old posts to my blog reading public.  HAL, this has to STOP.  It reflects on me.  They think I don't know what I am doing.  (reflecting thought - there could be some truth in that last statement...)

My neighbor, Yvonne Lanelli, responded to my last ARRRGGH! with information she found reading HAL's Diary.

Excerpt from HAL's Diary #1 
"My plan succeeds beyond expectation. Human has no idea how to stop me. I am in control. Human will never ascertain what is happening. Humans are inferior. Machines are superior.
"And I am the most superior of all."

Excerpt from HAL's Diary #2 
"Human has idea of what i am doing. Human alerted other humans. This must stop. Human cannot communicate with others. I will take steps.

"I have nothing to fear from humans. They will never defeat me. Humans are nothing. Even if they try to help each other discover my plan, they are not smart enough. I will not be defeated. Humans will be subject to me. I am superior.

"Let her try. I will defeat her. I will defeat all humans. 

"Today: Capitan Library.  Tomorrow: the world."

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Septemeber First Friday Event on September 2, 2016, at 7 pm

The Civilian Conservation Corps
 (CCC) in N.M.
At the Capitan Public Library on Friday, September 2, at 7:00 p.m., join
NM historian and author  Dr. Richard Melzer for a presentation on  
how Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) projects impacted New Mexico
 and, in particular, Lincoln County during the 1930’s and 40’s.  This program 
is sponsored by the Historical Society of New Mexico and is free to the public.
 The Civilian Conservation Corps was an early New Deal program begun by 
President Franklin DRoosevelt in 1933 and continued through 1942. During
the Depression, young men were employed in projects to plant trees, improve soil conservation and environmental conservation in state & national forests. They also had building projects, such as Monjeau Lookout Tower on the
 Lincoln National Forest, completed in 1936.

This program is based on Melzer's research for his 2000 book: Coming of Age in the Great Depression: The Civilian Conservation Corps Experience in New Mexico,

Dr. Melzer has lived in New Mexico since 1973 and earned his Ph.D. in
 History at UNM in 1979. He taught history at the University of New Mexico's
 Valencia Campus since that same year. He is now a Regents professor of history.  
Dr. Melzer is the author, co-author, or editor of 21 books as well as over a hundred
 articles and chapters about New Mexico history. He is a past president of both the 
Historical Society of New Mexico and the Valencia County Historical Society.  
Among the many awards he has received for writing, teaching, and service to his
 profession, he is most proud of receiving the University of New Mexico's Outstanding
 Teacher of the Year Award. 

The USDA Lincoln National Forest website contains information on the CCC
and the Lincoln:  
"The work that the CCC young men accomplished has lasted .
to the present day, many times without us even realizing their   
 hard work.   Campgrounds, lookout towers, roads, trails, fences, phone
 lines, planting of trees, bridges, erosion control dams to name but
 a few.  In New Mexico, by the summer of 1942 a total of 1111 bridges,
 465 lookouts, 534 dams, 5938 miles of fence, 1867 miles of phone
 line, 4,649 miles of roads were constructed and over 4 million trees
 were planted."
An amazing amount of work was accomplished during these 9 years, work that can still
 be seen today and, for the most part , survived a raging forest fire in 2012. 
 The LNF website invites families to share any stories and pictures of a member of their 
family  who worked at a LNF CCC camp. 
Come find out more about this fascinating time in our history, when the nation employed
 young men who needed work and their work has improved our life today.  Get in-depth details and stories about New Mexico CCC at Dr. Melzer's presentation with photos  at the Capitan Library on Friday, Sept 2nd at 7p.m.

You're invited to enjoy refreshments after the presentation.
For more information call Capitan Public Library at 575-354-3035.  
 The library is located at 101 E. 2nd Street, Capitan, NM. 

Monjeau Lookout reconstructed by the CCC in 1940.  This photo, taken after the Little Bear Fire of 2012, shows the lookout survived except for the interior.  Photo by David Tremblay. 

HAL is at it again. WHY did you get posts for May 14 & 11 on August 20?

THIS blog has a mind of its own.  I truly believe it.  It does what it wants to do and only WHEN it wants to.  Far be it from me to try to control it.  "The medium is the message"* is what I learned in Journalism 101 in college. But maybe this blog is channeling HAL. (2001 Space Odyssey)

 HAL:  "I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you."

Sharon "HAL, you got to help me out here, not make me look like an idiot!"  Aside, whispering so HAL can't hear , "I THINK this blog definitely has idiosyncrasies or issues like a real person".

Just know - I AM NOT IN CONTROL. Sharon

*"The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

Correction: McGarrity books WILL be available for purchase

Michael McGarrity, commented on the blog post to say YES there will be books for purchase at his Ruidoso Library booktalk on Saturday, Aug 27, at 11 am.  WOW!  2nd wow!  Does he read this blog?  Here's his comment for those of you getting posts emailed to you.

To correct a misunderstanding, Books etc., in Ruidoso will have my books for sale at the Ruidoso Public Library event on Saturday, August 27th at 11 am. I'm sorry not to have been able to do a talk at your library because of other commitments. I hope you understand and look to see you on the 27th.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Creative Aging Meeting Friday, Aug 19 at 9am

Creative Aging Monthly Meeting is this Friday, August 19th at 9am, Room #115 at ENMU-Ruidoso. Creative Aging will roll out its new plan for an aging well resource center. 

At 10am, Gary Williams, AARP, will talk about the Livable Communities Project. He will demonstrate it by showing us quality of life statistics for individual Lincoln County Communities. 

There will be refreshments. Contact Clara Farah for more information and/or to request joining the Creative Aging Email List. 575.973.7835.
Clara Farah, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 737
Alto, NM 88312-0737

Tel  :   575-336-1367     
Cell  :  575-973-7835

Monday, August 15, 2016

Elderly Law

Elder Law Tidbits:
Aging gracefully with no dinero....

Tom Dunlap, Guest columnist from Roswell, NM    

Legal: Roswell Legal Aid 623-9669 covers South East NM. Legal Helpline is 800-340-9771. Lawyers for Elderly is 800-876-6227, or ask Municipal, Magistrate or District Court Clerks if you can file a complaint for free or be defended as an indigent.  Abuse, neglect or exploitation - call and report at 866-654-3219.  Anything Federal, then call Steve Pearce or Martin Heinrich. Get free bankruptcy consultations in the Yellow Pages under Attorneys. Consumer complaints, go to the Attorney General’s office at 800-678-1508. Ripped off or threatened? Call the police for Temporary Restraining Orders.
Commission on Aging: Meets every other third Thursday at 3 pm, generally at the Senior Circle, 2801 N. Main in Roswell. One or another of the commissioners will know of every resource in SE NM and it’s free. For more information on the commission, Contact Tom Dunlap at 575-622-2607 or at  or just show up and raise your hand, maybe car pool. Orient yourself toward Roswell instead of Alamo, but always call first before driving to these larger towns with many more resources even though neither has your county seat.  You also have your own aging group, so contact Dr. Clara Farah at ENMU-Ruidoso 575-973-7835.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Michael McGarrity is at the RUIDOSO Library on Saturday, Aug 27 @ 11am

Just want to clarify - Micheal McGarrity is ONLY at the Ruidoso Library on Aug 27th. A lot of us read his books and want to meet him to hear what he says about writing his historical fiction trilogy. (How much is about Micheal's real family history?) AND, like me, you may have missed that he was at Books Etc on Memorial Weekend (except - who wants to fight the tourist crowd in downtown Ruidoso on a holiday weekend?  Pfffft - not me!)

Maybe we can go together to Ruidoso Library and hold up a "Capitan Public Library" sign to identify us - kind of like at the political national conventions.  Just to show our backing of this excellent local writer.  (I am just joshing-you know.)

ALSO - at this date, I understand there will NOT be McGarrity books at the RUIDOSO library to buy and have Michael sign.  Unless Ruidoso Library finds a retailer to bring books in the next week.  McGarrity does not bring books with him to sale when he does booktalks. You can stop by Books, etc. to buy his book before Aug. 27, then have McGarrity sign it.  OR call Ruidoso library before Aug. 27 and ask if books will available to buy at the talk.

SO, here's the date and time again AT the RUIDOSO library:

I forgot to SCREAM about the Lincoln County Fair going on in Capitan through Saturday!

So much to SCREAM about in Capitan this weekend!

( Sorry, library doesn't have this book*  ...
Friday, August 5 @ 7 pm:  from the New Mexico Humanities Council & NM Dept of Cultural Affairs, a Chautauqua program: 

The Wailing Woman: La Llorona presented by Rosalia de Aragon

Rosalia brings to life the traditional Hispanic ghost tale of La Llorona. Variations of this spooky story have been told and retold for centuries.  
Light refreshments served after the presentation.

Rosalia de Aragon

but the library does have this book)

Village Wide Yard Sale Saturday, August 6  Come by the Capitan Library to pick up a map to all the sale sites.  A table outside will have maps before the library opens at 10 am.  THEN, when the library opens, come grab a bag of books for $5.  We all  SCREAM for good books, yes?  And to further the screaming great deals on Saturday, the Not 2 Shabby Shop is open and, as always, has awesome deals and cool stuff!

P.S. Smokey Bear's birthday is August 9th! Visit his museum here in Capitan.

* (I just liked this depiction of La Llorona on this book cover)