Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Saturday, MARCH 2 - BAG of BOOKS $5!

Books will just fly into your bag begging you to take them home!
First Saturday of the month Book Sale.  Come by &  get your bag of books for $5. 

Library Saturday Hours: 10 am to 2 pm

Items at Library for sale

the sale of these items will go towards funding the 2019 Summer Reading program. Your help is appreciated!

Wrought Iron & glass table $100 
Gerald Garrett photo
Plus, through the first week of March, Gerald Garrett photos still available. Seen sitting on the table here and also on wall behind musicians in previous post.

Several framed and unframed Peter Hurd prints for sale!
Peter Hurd print

IF you didn't come to our Social Sunday afternoon program February 24...

then you missed a whole lot of good music, refreshments and fun!

Try to make the next Social Sunday program on March 31@ 2 pm.  We'll be traveling to China with Carl Stubbs. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more later.

Even the library mascot sat on the mic for a song or two

Friday, February 22, 2019

meet the muscians

John Soden Photography Studio

On Sunday, February 24 at 2 pm, the Capitan Public Library presents an enjoyable afternoon of music at the library with Flute and Fret Boys.  Listen to an eclectic assortment of music genres, as well as partake of refreshments.  And dance to your heart's delight to some great songs!

Flute and Fret Boys consists of musicians Debbie Myers, Jim Helms and Fred Kinnan. Their music tends toward an  mixture of oldies and favorites, because each musician has a style of music that forged them in their youth: Jim Helms's forte is Country & Western, but enjoys playing and singing all genres of music.  Fred Kinnan started playing guitar with his high school Rock & Roll  band. Debbie Myers hails from a mainly classical music background.

So let's meet these local musicians:

Jim Helms built his home in Alto 18 years ago. During the ensuing years, he spent part of his time in Puerto Rico designing and managing a championship golf resort located at Durado Beach.  Jim now serves as President and General Manager of Rainmakers Resort and Club, adjacent to the Spencer Theater in Alto.  In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing rhythm guitar and singing.  He teamed-up with Fred and Debbie six years ago and the three have entertained people throughout Lincoln County ever since.

Fred Kinnan spent twenty years with his Army career before retiring to Alto 25 years ago. For the local orchestra in Ruidoso, Fred picked up the violin and learned to play this different string instrument.  When the orchestra disbanded, the late Rondell Turner asked Fred to play lead guitar and Fred has been playing his guitars ever since.  Many local musicians jam with Fred at musical evening sat his home.  He and Debbie started as a duo 10 years ago.

 Debbie Myers has lived in Lincoln County for 36 years.  She retired from Ruidoso Schools, putting in 25 years teaching elementary children. In 2005, even before she retired, Debbie started volunteering to conduct the children's programs at the Capitan Public Library offering after-school programs and summer reading programs.  She also heads up the wildly popular December Holiday Bazaar and May plant sale at the library to raise money.  Like Fred, Debbie played with the local Ruidoso orchestra that existed here in the late 1990's to 2005. She currently plays with a flute quartet as well with the Fret Boys. Debbie recently won the 2018 New Mexico Library Association's Amigo Award for her work on behalf the library resulting in achievement for the library.

Now you've met the musicians.  Come Sunday to the FREE performance to hear their music

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Mark your calendar! Sunday, February 24 @ 2 pm. Let's have an enjoyable afternoon at the Library

photo by John Soden Photography Studio
“Flute & Fret Boys”
An afternoon of music – from
Rock to Classical to Country!
 Jim Helms, Debbie Myers & 
Fred Kinnan    @
Capitan Public Library
February 24th @ 2:00pm
Dancing & Refreshments!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Be Mine Valentine Bake Sale

Don't forget at the Capitan Library

Be Mine Valentine Bake Sale 

Thursday, Feb. 14  
starts at 10am to 5:30 pm

Come early to get your favorite

 pie, cake, cupcakes or cookies
milk or dark chocolate-dipped pretzels
Call 575.354.3035 for more info

Plus look at these other goodies available 

to select something special for your someone special

by supporting your library

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A different Valentine: Open your heart to teens in need

reprinting Veteran's Flyer

easier for you to read: 

Danielle ThompsonVeteran Service Officer
New Mexico Veteran Service Roswell Office
1600 SE Main St Suite A
Roswell, New Mexico 88203
O 575.624.6086

The isolated elderly - "How are you doing?"

Creative Aging helped our community out with public transportation. Now, they are looking for input on our community isolated seniors.  Those of you who belong to different churches, how you deal with your elderly who are not able to come to church on a regular basis?  Do you have a committee that checks on them by phone or personal visits? Creative Aging is finding that many elderly people do not belong to a church, are alone and may need a  friendly call or may be even a visit.  We have heard of elderly who have no family or close neighbors to check on them. Some times it is too late.  If you have anything to share on this subject, please call Cecile Kinnan at 575.336.7752 or Clara Fara at 575.973.7835

Let's help our elderly neighbors out

AARP magazine showed this website that approaches the subject on isolation   It lays out many of the causes of isolation, health concerns and if you peruse the website you can find many enlightening ideas of how to reach out & help.  

End Social Isolation Among Seniors

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day Bake Sale at the library

Be Mine Valentine Bake Sale 
Thursday, Feb. 14  10am 
Flowers, books & gifts for sale, also
Get something sweet for your love one - a homemade edible or a sentimental three-dimensional object to show your love.  Your one-stop Valentine's gift shopping place. OK, two-stop: be sure to stop by the N2SS to see what Valentine goodies are in the store!

Special Orders Available
Call 575.354.3035


Carrizozo Music event on Feb 14th

Carrizozo Music, Inc. and the New Mexico Humanities Council present Todd Green in a lecture and concert featuring instruments from Africa and the Middle East.  The event will take place on Thursday, February 14, at 5 PM at the Carrizozo School Old Gym. At 3PM, in the Old Gym, Todd will present a concert for Carrizozo School students.  All events are free and open to the general public.
 Multi-Instrumentalist Todd Green performs original music on over 30 acoustic strings, flutes and percussion instruments from all over the world, inspired by many different cultures in the Middle East, Central Asia, Far East and South America. His custom-built electronic system allows him to layer instruments as he performs, which in effect turns him into a high-tech one-man-band of World Music. As Todd takes his audience on a fascinating tour of many countries and their diverse styles of music, he intersperses his playing with entertaining and informative explanations of the music and the instruments. Todd’s artistic mission is to "help bring down the barriers that divide us by experiencing other cultures through their music."
Todd Green began studying guitar at the age of ten. He has been writing and performing his own music professionally since the age of fifteen. He studied composition and arrangement at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Mass. At the same time he was studying privately with Mick Goodrich, jazz guitar legend at New England Conservatory of Music, Pat Metheny, Grammy Award winning guitarist and George Benson, international recording star. After spending five years in Boston, he moved to New York City where he performed with the top echelon of studio musicians and toured with bands throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

While in New York, he began studying Western Flute, East Indian Bansuri Bamboo Flute (with Steve Gorn), and Tablas (Indian hand drums) with Ray Spiegel. He now lives in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe.  Todd performs nationally as a multi-instrumental solo artist in the college and fine arts markets. Frequently, along with his concerts, Todd conducts college master classes and interactive school clinics and assemblies. His columns on improvisation have been published in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

For information about Carrizozo Music, the 2019 season schedule and concert updates, please check, email or call Elaine at575-648-2757.  Carrizozo Music sponsors a series of classical, summer Portico Concerts and school outreach performances with a commitment to providing free quality music to the residents of Lincoln County and the surrounding area.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Creative Aging presents Friday, Feb 15

Please come join us for Dr. Suzelle Moffit's presentation. 
9am breakfast and networking, then 10am presentation.  
Bring your questions and feel free to email or call me with additional concerns.

Clara Farah, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 737
Alto, NM 88312-0737 
Cell  :  575-973-7835

Lincoln/Fort Stanton Historic Sites learning

Veteran info

Date change on Veterans Affairs outreach office hours in Ruidoso 

The Department of Veterans Affairs outreach officer will be in Ruidoso Feb. 12, date changed from Feb. 5  

Danielle Thompson
Veteran Service Officer
New Mexico Veteran Service Roswell Office
1600 SE Main St Suite A
Roswell, New Mexico 88203
O 575.624.6086

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Book Club February Book

The meeting is February 7 at 10 am at the library. The book is: 

This should be an interesting discussion.  The  synopsis on Amazon ends with: " Informative, alarming, and aphoristic, The Disappearance of Childhood is a triumph of history and prophecy."

Pillars of the Earth fans

Ken Follett Announces ‘Pillars of the Earth’ Prequel

By G.G. Andrew| '...the prequel will be set around the year 1000 AD in Kingsbridge, the setting of The Pillars of the Earth. Except in this earlier time, Kingsbridge is only “a little Anglo-Saxon settlement threatened by Viking invaders.” Follett went on to say that the draft is currently being read by editors and a group of historians specializing in that period of history. He anticipates he’ll spend 2019 rewriting the story with suggestions from these editors and historians, and it should be released sometime in 2020. Follett concluded by saying, “It’s a long process, but I think it’s worthwhile, and when you read the book, I hope you’ll agree.”
'Fans of Ken Follett’s 1989 epic The Pillars of the Earth are thrilled by the news. An epic medieval tale about the people behind a quest to build the world’s greatest Gothic cathedral, The Pillars of the Earth was a #1 New York Times bestseller, and what Booklist called a “monumental masterpiece.” '

Friday, February 1, 2019

How do you arrange your books?

Saturday, Feb 2 10am to 2 pm, you can buy a bag of books for $5.  So, how will you arrange those books at home?
from Jefferson County Library facebook page,
 BUT photo struck a synchronistic chord because of current book I am reading

"Brett...busies himself organizing her books.  I can't discern his methodology -- colors, shapes, alphabetically by author or title?"  Quote from To The Stars Through Difficulties by Romalyn Tilghman

"A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert."

 Andrew Carnegie

A book review by The Blogger: 

To The Stars Through Difficulties by Romalyn Tilghman.

Not finished yet, but so far I have found this a most interesting fiction book. Three women are the main characters developed in the writing style so many authors use now, where one chapter is in one character's voice, the next chapter in the another character's voice and so on.  I'm still out on IF I like that style of writing, but it works for this particular story line. 

In the background tying all the characters together is the story of Andrew Carnegie building 1,689 libraries across America. (All total, Carnegie built 2,509 libraries when including the ones built in foreign countries.)  

Personally, I've only seen one Carnegie library, which was located at 500 National Ave in Las Vegas, NM. It is on a huge piece of land in town. I went to Las Vegas for a library conference.  Only three Carnegie libraries were built in N.M.  Besides Las Vegas, Roswell has one at 123 W 3rd St, but today is empty and Raton's Carnegie library faced the wrecking ball in 1969.
Strange wall decoration inside LV Carnegie library

It is always an added bonus when a book, even a fictional book, intrigues you to further  investigate something you read within the story. In this case, the story is located in Kansas where Carnegie built 59 libraries. The Kansas state motto is  "Ad Astra per Aspera", translated means "To The Stars Through Difficulties", which is the title of the book.  Definitely different.  So, of course, the next step is for me to check out New Mexico's motto: "Crescit eundo", which means "It grows as it goes".  OK, also different and how does that pertain to N.M.?  Now a motto is different than a slogan for a state.  A motto often appears on the state seal and sometimes the state flag.  Whereas a slogan, such as NM's "Land of Enchantment", appears on license plates, advertising and so on. Although, NM now has another slogan with the "NM True" advertising campaign.

It is interesting to investigate mottos and slogans of other states on Wikipedia. 

Sideline: Hey, remember the game when traveling when you were a kid and trying to collect licence plates from all 50 states?  No, not literally collecting, just notating. Easy to do back then when the individual state plates all looked the same plus you could read the state slogan.  With the proliferation of  custom plates today, it is a much more challenging game.

With regard to the book, since this is suppose to be a book review of sorts, in my opinion it is well written .  The author's use of adjectives, action verbs and analogies create excellent visualizations to "see" the story. Plus, Tilghman portrays librarians in a most positive light, almost placing them on a pedestal that necessitates adoration and adulation.  At first I thought the author must be a librarian, since she gets our feelings of competence, satisfaction and tolerance spot on.  Take this example from the book:   " It wasn't till grad school that I got the sense of power librarians feel in making suggestions to readers or in matching researchers with their resources.  One cannot help but feel smart when handing over just the right book." And another quote  "Does Elena mind when she spends a whole afternoon getting books in perfect order only to have a patron shuffle them to chaos?  There are two kinds of librarians.  The kind who want to know everything in the universe and the kind who want to categorize everything."  

Enough. I'll get off  my soapbox about adoration of libraries and librarians. I do tend to read a book if the synopsis says library or the main character is a librarian. In closing, this is a woman empowerment feel-good story. The publisher is She Writes Press, an award-winning hybrid publishing company for women writers.

Check out the awards Romalyn Tilghman's debut book already accumulated:

  2017 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards: Finalist

2017 IPPY Awards: Contemporary Fiction, Gold Medal
Readers' Favorite: Gold Medal Award for Women's Fiction
2017 Foreword Indie Finalist in Adult Fiction―General
2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in General Fiction/Novel (Over 80,000 words)
Pulpwood Queen Selection, June 2018

IF you would like to write a book review for the blog, email 
Submissions will be reviewed and possibly edited as needed
What better medium than a library blog to share your love for books by sharing reviews of books you've read.