Monday, January 30, 2017

Oodles of Doodles - Catherine Alred

 The current art on display at the Capitan Public Library is 
Oodles of Doodles by Catherine Alred.  Artwork is for sale, as well as bookmarks and packaged note cards with pens.
 Join us Sunday afternoon, March 12 at 2 pm for a doodle class with Catherine.  She'll bring the supplies, we just need to bring our creativity.  Refreshments served afterwards.  We'll take that time to admire each others' doodles.

Ruidoso resident, Catherine Alred, has been doodling as far back as she can 
remember. As a child she always was 
coloring and drawing. Recalling one of her
 earliest works,  she described a piece she created 
when she was 10 years old.  “I just decided to try to
 doodle an actual ‘thing’ and spent hours and
 hours drawing a large  abstract bird. It’s very interesting to study it now and realize how much my doodling has evolved over the decades." 

Catherine’s doodles, however, are not quite the kind of doodles one would
expect when observing someone idly drawing. Catherine’s doodles are
very detailed and intricate. She further illustrates by saying, “My doodles are just a result of me taking a pen or pencil for a walk. 
I don’t plan the design; it just evolves.”

People seeing her work for the first time are
 often in disbelief and ask,
 “Did you really do that?”  
The fanciful lines, dots, and curls are executed
 in such  precision that people often wonder if a  computer produced them.

The vast majority of her work is free form. 
“Just doodling in a random,  free form way is my
 favorite way of doodling, but I’ve also doodled 
initials, butterflies, paisleys, initials, birds, etc.” 

Although she always keeps a sketchpad nearby, at times no piece of paper 
is safe from her pen. Her doodling can be found on magazine pages, 
calendars, concert programs, and even grocery lists.  Noting that she 
often cannot restrain herself from picking up a pen and starting a new piece, she added, “Doodling is very relaxing to me. I go into a calm,
 meditative state.”
Doodling is more than just an artistic endeavor. 
“It helps me concentrate.
I’ve always doodled in meetings and lectures. 
Doodling helps me be a good listener.” 

 She noted the findings of a British psychologist:
“Doodling or scribbling during meetings or class can improve content 
memory by 29%.” 
“That definitely applies to me. Doodles are in the margins 
of practically  every set of class notes I ever took in college. Give me a handout or an 
agenda at a meeting and I will doodle all over it.”

She has even incorporated her doodles into her love  of working with textiles. "I enlarged one of my doodles and transferred it to fabric.  Using contrasting fabrics, beads, and metallic threads, I embroidered the doodle on a throw pillow." 

She particularly enjoys sharing her work with others.  "I've incorporated my doodles into all sorts of items: bookmarks, note cards, decoupage boxes, framed pieces, even mugs and coasters," she says.
After graduating from Angelo State University with an English major and art minor, Catherine earned a master’s degree in educational administration 
from Sul Ross University. She pursued her career in education 
in West Texas prior to moving to Ruidoso in 2010 with her husband, 
Dr. Clayton Alred, ENMU-Ruidoso president.                

Her emphasis on art has always been prominent in her positions.
 “I found it such a pleasure to actually teach the art of  doodling to a large group of kindergarten children. It was amazing to see how young children quickly caught on and produced amazing drawings.”

(the above article is paraphrased from a 2012 article in the Ruidoso News)

The value of the doodle

Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution, writes, "Our culture is so intensely focused on verbal communications, that we're almost blinded to the value of doodling. Doodling has a profound impact on the way that we can process information and the way that we can solve problems." Doodling facilitates learning.

An article published in TIME magazine some years ago lauded the value of doodling. It recalled an experiment in which forty individuals were asked to listen to a monologue. The speaker talked about a number of seemingly random things, but included lists of places and names. Half of the study participants were asked to doodle as they listened. The other half simply listened. Afterward, participants were asked to recall the names and places named in the recording. The results? The doodlers remembered almost 30 percent more of the requested information than the non-doodlers did.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Creative Aging’s Outreach programs: Lincoln County Medical Center’s Capitan Clinics - Jan 30 3-5pm

Creative Aging and the Capitan Library wish to invite you to an informal discussion on the Lincoln County Medical Center’s clinics in Lincoln County with a specific focus on the Capitan Clinic.

Monday, January 30th from 3 to 5pm at the Capitan Library where speaker, Terry Riehl, who is the Practice Administrator, LCMC Medical Complex, will discuss the current operation of the clinic and the vision for its future. 

This is a follow session to Creative Aging’s Outreach programs, held most recently in Capitan in December. At this session there were many questions pertaining to access to the clinic operations.

Come with questions or just wanting to obtain more information about the clinic.
Bring friends and family.
 Refreshments will be served and friendships will be preserved!

Questions, call Clara Farah, Creative Aging at 575.973.7835, or
Or Pat Garrett, Capitan Library, 575.354.3035.

Monday, January 16, 2017

February First Friday - War Zone Photojournalist

Join us February 3 at 7pm for CPL First Friday program with Jim Spiri

Spiri tells of his experiences as a photojournalist in war torn countries.   His website explains it better:

Jim Spiri was on the journey called, "The Last Lap". He was on his own among the local people in Iraq reporting in the same fashion as those before him in previous wars, such as Ernie Pyle and Joe Galloway. The photos & journals on his website, , are of Spiri in 1988 in El Salvador and 27 years later as he left for Iraq from Albuquerque. 

Spiri in El Salvadore in 1988
Spiri leaving for Iraq in 2015

Learn of his true and ground level journey in Iraq during the most volatile time in the  country's history.  Spiri was the only American journalist to do  this type of reporting.  No others are willing to tell the story that needs to be told.

Spiri recently moved to Lincoln from Albuquerque.  He has started a NEW newspaper for our area: Lincoln County Leader.

Come hear his story Friday, Feb 3, at 7 pm at the Capitan Public Library at 
101 E. Second St.
Refreshments following the program.

To learn more visit Spiri's 
website at

TAX Time again

AARP will be doing taxes at the library on February 20 and March 20.  Times to be determined.  Come by or call CPL, 575-354-3035, to get your name on the list. You need to pick up paperwork that must be fill out and presented to your tax preparer when you get your taxes done.

Get eBooks at no cost

To All Capitan Public Library Patrons:
If you are an eBook reader, you can now sign up through Ruidoso Public Library and check out
This is the process:
1. Visit the Ruidoso Public Library
2. Bring with you a photo ID and a piece of information that contains your physical address (example insurance bill/card, utility bill, vehicle registration, etc.)
You will receive a patron card from Ruidoso Public Library and you give them a pin number. You will be able to download your book selections online – no need to physically visit the library.
If you have questions, talk to Sharon, Pat, Barbara. Kris or Debbie at CPL.

Mentoring meeting Jan 18 - help create positive change for the next generation

Friday, January 13, 2017

@ the Ruidoso Community Center

Ruidoso Community Center upcoming events:

Bingo by Brookdale – January 18,  2017 10:30am-12:00Noon
·         Free to play
·         6 Games
·         Prizes for each game
·         Lunch right after- Cheeseburgers
·         Please call to sign up
·         Brookdale will continue to have these events if they are well attended

Defensive Driving- January 21, 2017 from 9:00am-3:00pm.

·         Call to reserve your spot and save on insurance. 575-725-9267

Art Jam  -  February 16th from 1:00pm-3:00pm with snacks and drinks included.

o   Dan Rivera is the owner of Ruidoso Art Gallery and he is doing this free of charge.
o   Come in and follow along to paint your own painting. (Supplies are included)
o   There is usually a $45 fee but he wants to do this for you all for free so please come join.
                       o   There are only 15 slots available so sign up early.

VOR Logo new  7-2013
Anthony Montes
Community Center Supervisor
501 Sudderth Drive
Ruidoso NM 88345

Creative Aging

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book Sale continues -

We still have oodles of books to sell in the bookroom.
 (Goes well with the art display- Oodles of Doodles)
  EVERY SATURDAY IN JANUARY IS $5 for a bag of books. 
 (Bring your own bag if you want)

On display at the library - Bill of Rights

 Be sure to check it out --  because I know you can't read the small print in the photo.  The display right by front door - you can't miss it!  Know your rights created by some very astute men 225 years ago.

Sunday programs

Thank you everyone who came out to the Jan 8 program - BookTalkers.  It was our first one, everyone seemed to like it and the Sunday afternoon was delightful.   Double thank yous to Amy for talking to us.  She left some of her books for sale at the library if you missed buying any.  CHECK OUT her Blog - she is talking about us!  PLUS - Noisy Water Winery always hosts Amy's book coming out party.  Amy will let me know when the 5th book publishes, so we can go to the winery to see the book and to (maybe or maybe not) taste some wine.

I'm working on the flyer & PR- but next BookTalkers is Feb 12 (Second Sunday) at 3 pm with Marlene Siepel and the book Ladies on the "Boot Heel" - Their Stories with Quilts.  What started as a community project to show women deserve a place in the Cowboy Hall of Fame became a historical quilt show and then a book.  Quite a genealogical journey for Hidalgo County. Thinking it be fun for us to bring in our historical quilts and have a show & tell.  What do you think? (I think Viggo Mortensen when I hear Hidalgo - sorry - just a momentary lapse into day dreaming.)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Program 3pm Sunday, Jan 8

Hope you'll join us for some book talking, hot tea and refreshments.
BookTalkers @ the Capitan Library -- Where local authors talk about their book & publishing experiences 
Sunday, January 8th, at 3 pm featuring local author, Amy Bennett,  discussing her experiences writing & publishing her five books about the fictional Bonney County and the Black Horse RV campground featured in her novels.

Questions welcomed.