Thursday, February 22, 2018

Performance: GREER GARSON at Sacred Grounds, March 4 @ 3 pm

(NOTE: PLEASE write CAPITAN LIBRARY on the back of your purchased tickets. Our library will get $1 donation on CPL tickets sold  or $5 donation on a table of 4.)

Greer Garson was nominated seven times as Best Actress, taking home the Oscar in 1943. The British actress became a New Mexican in 1949, settling on Forked Lightning Ranch with her new husband while still making Hollywood films.

Join the party for the 75th anniversary of her win, with Ruidoso actress Kay Sebring-Roberts portraying Greer in a visit with the audience. Your ticket includes the performance with a movie-set style hearty tea and, if you care to stay, a big-screen viewing of this year's Academy Awards Red Carpet beginning at 4:30.

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Sacred Grounds Coffee & Tea House
2704 Sudderth in Ruidoso
3:00-4:15 pm
Tickets in advance: $17, includes food & tea 
Tickets at the door will be $20
Tickets available in advance at Sacred Grounds, or by texting 575-317-4994 with request. 
NOTE: PLEASE write CAPITAN LIBRARY on the back of your purchased tickets. Our library will get $1 donation on CPL tickets sold or $5 donation on a table of 4.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

HOMESCHOOLERS - March 2 Class Acts at the Spencer Theater

There are a few tickets left to the 12:30 pm Class Acts show.  Class Acts are daytime one-hour shows for kids. School children come by the busload to see these shows.  So order tickets ($5) today for your child & yourself. If you wait till March 2, you may be seated if some children are sick/don't show up, therefore leaving an empty seat. OR, if you want to see the full evening show, there are tickets available $49 - $59.  At the evening show, Ruidoso Animal Shelter will have adoptable pets outside for you to possibly want to take home.  You just might fall in love with one!
FOR tickets, call the Spencer Box Office at 575.336.4800
See preview of show at:
Las Vegas “Entertainer of the Year” and big top tent star Gregory Popovich and his amazing cast of rescue pets bring us The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, a family-oriented blend of circus-styled comedy and juggling, and the amazing talents of Popovich’s furry friends.
There are more than 30 pets in the show, each one – cats, dogs, birds, and other four-legged friends – were rescued by Popovich from animal shelters and given a new leash on life. Dolled up in colorful costumes and armed with props, the cast performs unexpected skills that have won fans at theaters across the country and with late night stars like Jay Leno and David Letterman.
Popovich, called a “cat whisperer” and a “gregarious Dr. Doolittle from Moscow,” by the New York Times, is a life-long circus performer who honed his skills with pets from his parents, both animal trainers in the former Soviet Union.
He has been traveling around the United States for 20 years with his show, gaining thousands of fans along the way. He has also rescued hundreds of unwanted shelter animals and provided them love and fame in bright lights from New York to L.A. It’s all fun and it’s all inspiring: bets are you’ll leave the hall with a new shelter dog or cat in mind. Who knows, you might just finally get Sparky to sit and stay.

Friday, March 2 at 7pm
Roasted Red Chile Turkey Buffet at 5pm, $20

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mark Stambaugh, Photographer Extraordinaire

Watching the "likes" to the photos posted on Mark Stambaugh's Facebook page is a testament to his extraordinary "eye" for taking awe-inspiring photos.

There is a certain artistic talent necessary to capture breathe-taking photos. Sometimes you learned it in classes, but sometimes it is just an innate ability to frame the perfect shot through the lens.

Originally from Plainview, TX, Stambaugh is a graduate of Texas Tech with a degree in business and worked for Gulf Oil Corp in W. Texas.  He moved to the Alto area in 1987, which solidified Stambaugh's love for New Mexico and the Ruidoso area.  It is evident in the many of the local landscapes shown in his work.  From snow covered shots of Sierra Blanca, to sunsets over Bonito Lake, his photos adduce the wealth of beautiful scenery to be found in Lincoln County.

A collection of Stambaugh's stretched canvas photographs are currently at the Capitan Public Library for the public to view until the end of March.

Other locations where Mark Stambaugh Photography can be seen are:  Weaver Real Estate, located in River Crossing on Sudderth Dr. in Ruidoso; Cornerstone Bakery; on Stambaugh's Facebook page and at 

Stambaugh began working as a real estate photographer in 2006.  He recently opened Alto Storage Buildings on Highway 48, where you can traipse around various models of Graceland Portable Building.  

Next to the storage buildings is the wood yard that Mark and his brother, Coy, started  providing wood by the cord and specialty items like Chimineas with pinon wood (people in the Eastern U.S. particularly liked these items).  Coy still runs the wood yard, while Mark branched off into photography, real estate and portable buildings.

Mark Stambaugh will be in the Alto Artist Studio Tour the first weekend in August, August 3,4 and 5, with a preview reception at the Spencer Theater on Thursday, August 2.  His studio location on the tour will be at his Alto Storage Buildings.

To delve further into the making of these fantastic photos, I asked some questions to Mark.

How early do you rise to take photos? (boy, is that a dumb question or what? Obviously BEFORE sunrise.

Mark: For sunrise photos, I'm often up by 5:30 am. 
Favorite location for sunrises:
Ski Run Rd., at least 5 miles up to locations like
Oak Grove or Windy Point. I try to find high elevation
 points, with long views which have few objects
 like houses, power lines,etc.

 Do you find locations and go back?
Mark: Yes, I go back to these same areas often.

Preferred camera and lens?
Mark: A Nikon D810 camera, often using a Nikkor 200-500 mm telephoto lens for wildlife, and a Nikon 24-120 mm  "walk about" lens for general shots, while using
 a wide-angle lens for landscapes. 
Do you manipulate your prints digitally? Or is what
 you see through the lens, what we see in your art?
Mark: My photos are shot in a RAW format and must be
developed.  I use Adobe Lightroom, to process them and 
enhance clarity and sharpness, adjust highlights, and
adjust light conditions, which are  often too dark.

Mark with wife, Mary Weaver, and Allie Jo
Sometimes, it is all about being at the right place, at the right time

Alto Lake

Friday, February 16, 2018

AARP FREE tax preperation

tax prep information - the date changed, so AARP will be at Capitan Library on Monday, Feb. 19 and Monday, March 19. Call for an appointment and bring all important papers including your driver's license or photo ID and SS card.  There are still a few appointments available for both dates.

Creative aging next week

Creative Aging is creating a free-ride program for home-bound people who have no way to get to their health care appointments.

 Drivers needed to provide free rides to the doctor

Creative Aging is looking for volunteer drivers for a free ride service for people who can’t drive to doctors and other health care appointments and don’t have any other way to get there.

“We’re told there are many people with no family or friends living nearby and without Medicaid coverage or other resources to get them to their appointments,” said Clara Farah, who directs the ENMU-based non-profit. “Creative Aging wants to fill that gap, but we need more people willing to drive.”

The driver program is based on a similar volunteer service that has operated since the 1980s in Los Alamos. 

People who need a non-emergency ride to a health care appointment will call a phone number and give the details to the program coordinator. The coordinator then calls drivers until one of them can accept the assignment. The coordinator calls the rider back with the driver’s name and phone number so the two can get in direct touch and arrange the pickup.

About 10 people so far have expressed interest in providing the same service here, according to Creative Aging program coordinator Dave Tomlin. He said he’d like to find at least 10 more to have enough drivers so at least one can always be found who can take an assignment.

“Based on the Los Alamos program, the number of rides is not huge, and no individual driver is asked to take more than a few rides a month if they don’t want to,” Tomlin said. “And a volunteer can always decline to accept a ride appointment for any reason.”

Interested drivers will be asked to provide copies of their driver’s license and auto insurance certificates, and to authorize a basic background check.”It’s based on Social Security numbers,” Tomlin said, “no fingerprints required.”

Tomlin said plans call for supplemental driver liability insurance through CIMA, a carrier that specializes in coverage of non-profit volunteers. He said he hoped the program would be ready to begin taking ride requests by late March.

Anyone interested in hearing more about becoming a driver can call Tomlin at 917-834-8133 or email him at

What’s the purpose of the program?

We believe there are many in Lincoln County who need to get to health care appointments but can’t drive, have no friends or family available nearby, and don’t have Medicaid or other resources to pay for a ride. We want them to be able to call us for a lift.

Where will the program take them?

We’ll provide rides to doctor, dentist, eye or ear care, physical therapy or other health-related appointments within Lincoln County or in Alamogordo or Roswell if we can find a driver with time to go that far.

How does a rider qualify for help from the program?

We don’t plan to interrogate riders rigorously or require documentation of need or age. We’ll certainly let them know that we want as much as possible to be a last resort for those who don’t have other options. 

Will drivers have to lift wheelchairs or riders who can’t walk?

No. We can only provide our service to riders who can walk to our vehicles and get in and out without much assistance. We won’t take wheelchairs. Walkers are okay.

Will drivers attend doctor visits along with riders?

No. Our service is door to door. If a rider needs help at the medical office with note taking or questions for the care provider, we will take a friend or relative along for that purpose.

How will the service work?

It’s very simple. We will have a list of drivers and a coordinator with a phone number. Riders will call the coordinator to make an appointment for a ride. The coordinator will look on the list for drivers who might be available and call them one by one until someone can accept the ride request. The coordinator will then call the rider back and give him or her the driver’s name and phone number. It will then be up to the rider to contact the driver directly to work out details of the pickup.

How do I become a driver?

We will ask you for the following: 1) A copy of your current and valid driver’s license, 2) A copy of your current and valid insurance certificate, 3) your Social Security number with permission to use it for a basic background check (no fingerprints required), 4) a short note telling us the days and times of day you prefer to drive, when you will NOT be available to drive, and whether you are willing to drive to Roswell and/or Alamogordo, just within Lincoln County, or just within your own community.

Can I refuse to drive when the coordinator calls me?

Absolutely yes. You should never feel pressured to take a ride request when it’s inconvenient or involves pickup or delivery locations you’re not comforting driving to.

What about insurance?

Drivers’ personal auto insurance policies should cover normal situations. We will insure volunteer drivers who have registered with the program for risks arising during their volunteer driving that aren’t covered by their own policies. The carrier is CIMA, a national company that specializes in insurance of volunteers with non-profit organizations.

When do we start?

We hope to be up and running by the end of March. There’s still a lot to do. We want to have at least 20 drivers registered with all their documents in hand. We need to obtain the background checks from IntelliCorp, an online company that provides various levels of security checks for businesses and other organizations. We need to get the word out to the people who might need our help. And Creative Aging, our sponsoring organization, needs to give the final go-ahead for us to start.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

FYI: Organics in Smokeys.

Chuck Gurvitz is the new Produce Manager at Smokeys Country Market in Capitanand he now has half of the produce department filled with ORGANIC items. Check it out!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Feb 20th FREE Class

Free Class
Tuesday, February 20 6:00-8:00 pm at the Library
To get started, all you need is the name and approximate date of birth or death of two ancestors.

Start reading the March book for Capitan Library's book club

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg
Book club meets First Thursday of the month at 10 am.  So that means March 1 this time!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Join us for a SUNDAY PROGRAM February 11 @ 2 pm

Herb Marsh presents 
Nora True Henn's 
Lincoln County and
 its Wars 

Herb Marsh is the head of the Nora Johnson Henn Foundation and past president of the Lincoln County Historical Society

Nora True Henn was a forty-year resident of Lincoln,NM, and was known as the first lady of Lincoln County history.  Authors who wrote about Billy the Kidd or the Lincoln County War would always come first to Lincoln and visit with Nora.  The breadth and depth of her knowledge of Lincoln's turbulent past was unequal.  There wasn't anything about the subject she had not researched with ultimate effort and committed to memory or writing.  

Henn accumulated an extensive archive of Lincoln County history that was the envy of all.   Before her death in 2011, she created the Henn Johnson Library and Local History Archives Foundation to care for her archives located in Lincoln. It is a research facility for serious research of Lincoln County history.  She penned this manuscript from her own life-long research. 

Our presenter, Herb Marsh, is a former El Paso attorney and district judge.  He attended law school at University of Texas.  An avid historian, he now lives in Lincoln. He is currently the president of the Nora Johnson Henn Foundation and past president of the Lincoln County Historical Society. (Plus he's been seen out playing drums with the ENMU-Ruidoso choir and Top Brass.)

Refreshments will follow the program.