Tuesday, March 28, 2017

April means Amnesty

Amnesty of library fines ALWAYS happens in April.  The library's main purpose for this is because we just want to see the return of items so others may enjoy the book, CD or DVD.  What do you say?  How about bringing back that overdue item in April and we will waive all your fines & fees.  Sweet.

NO FOOLING - Saturday, April 1st is the awesome "$1 for a bag-of-books sale"

If you don't have books- we do!
AND THEN........
EVERY Saturday in April
 is $1 for a bag of books.
 Saturday library hours: 10 am to 2 pm

Mark your calendar for First Friday on April 7th

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Creative Aging - Veteran Information this Friday, March 24

Creative Aging, Inc. is sponsoring a Veterans Forum on Friday 24 March 2017 at ENMU-Ruidoso.

9:00 social hour with treats, come early and enjoy.
10:00 general meeting with Veteran Speakers from Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Roswell and Lincoln County.
11:00 continued discussion in smaller informal groups with opportunities to ask more questions pertinent to each individual's needs.  

We will have representatives from various groups including Congressman Pearce's office, Fort Stanton Burial details, The Choice Card, State benefits, healthcare benefits, Fox Holes for homeless Veterans, Patriot Guard motorcyclists that provide escorts at Veteran funerals, For Veteran's Sake an organization that provides free dogs for PTSD survivors (they train them), also they help those suffering with PTSD without medications, etc.  Please pass this along to those who have served, their spouses, and their friends.

This Friday's meeting will focus on Veteran Issues that particularly effect our Lincoln County Veterans. There are approximately 2,300 Vets living in Lincoln County.
Please remember that a goal of Creative Aging is to ensure that seniors  living in LC are aware of what services are available to them so that they can experience a good quality of life and can continue to live here. Dave Tomlin's recent article on this  Veteran Meeting is also helpful to read in advance about the purpose of this meeting. (Ruidoso News,3.15.17)
Whether you are a veteran or not, please join us to learn more about what our veterans need and how we can become better friends and helpers to them.
Please email or call Clara Farah for further details on specific speakers and subject areas if you would like more information. Barbara Deck and Cecile Kinnan  and I will be on hand to help you navigate this important informational session

Clara Farah, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 737
Alto, NM 88312-0737

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Sunday, March 26 @ 2 pm

Sign up for CPL Beginning Genealogy classes

Since the April 30th Beginning Genealogy workshop got totally booked super fast (before it could be posted ANYWHERE), Kris Shearer has another class lined up.

Sign up for the new workshop on
 Saturday, April 8 at 2:00.pm. 
 Sign up at the library or call in to sign up. Only ten computers, so class limited to ten.

There are some blank tree forms with the sign up sheet for those who would like to get a head start.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still a couple of weeks left to come to CPL to view " Oodles of Doodles" artwork

Ruidoso resident, Catherine Alred, is the current artist on display at the Capitan Library till end of March.
Catherine has been doodling as far back as she can 
remember. As a child she always was 
coloring and drawing. Recalling one of her
 earliest works,  she described a piece she created 
when she was 10 years old.  “I just decided to try to
 doodle an actual ‘thing’ and spent hours and
 hours drawing a large  abstract bird. It’s very interesting to study it now and realize how much my doodling has evolved over the decades." 

Catherine’s doodles, however, are not quite the kind of doodles one would
expect when observing someone idly drawing. Catherine’s doodles are
very detailed and intricate. She further illustrates by saying, “My doodles are just a result of me taking a pen or pencil for a walk. 
I don’t plan the design; it just evolves.”

People seeing her work for the first time are
 often in disbelief and ask,
 “Did you really do that?”  
The fanciful lines, dots, and curls are executed
 in such  precision that people often wonder if a  computer produced them.

The vast majority of her work is free form. 
“Just doodling in a random,  free form way is my
 favorite way of doodling, but I’ve also doodled 
initials, butterflies, paisleys, initials, birds, etc.” 

Although she always keeps a sketchpad nearby, at times no piece of paper 
is safe from her pen. Her doodling can be found on magazine pages, 
calendars, concert programs, and even grocery lists.  Noting that she 
often cannot restrain herself from picking up a pen and starting a new piece, she added, “Doodling is very relaxing to me. I go into a calm,
 meditative state.”
Doodling is more than just an artistic endeavor. 
“It helps me concentrate.
I’ve always doodled in meetings and lectures. 
Doodling helps me be a good listener.” 

 She noted the findings of a British psychologist: Doodling or scribbling during meetings or 
class can improve content memory by 29%.” 
“That definitely applies to me. Doodles are in the margins 
of practically  every set of class notes I ever took in college. Give me a handout or an 
agenda at a meeting and I will doodle all over it.”

Catherine particularly enjoys sharing her work with others.  "I've incorporated my doodles into all sorts of items: bookmarks, note cards, decoupage boxes, framed pieces, even mugs and coasters," she says.  At her recent class at CPL, she shared her love, enthusiasm and trade secrets for her art with attendees.
 Her emphasis on art has always 
been prominent in her positions.
“I found it such a  pleasure to 
  teach the art of doodling to a large
 group of kindergarten children. 
It was amazing to see how young 
children quickly caught on
 and produced amazing drawings.”

(the above article is paraphrased from a 2012 article in the Ruidoso News)

More to know about doodling

The Value of the Doodle

Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution, writes, "Our culture is so intensely focused on verbal communications, that we're almost blinded to the value of doodling. Doodling has a profound impact on the way that we can process information and the way that we can solve problems." Doodling facilitates learning.

An article published in TIME magazine some years ago lauded the value of doodling. It recalled an experiment in which forty individuals were asked to listen to a monologue. The speaker talked about a number of seemingly random things, but included lists of places and names. Half of the study participants were asked to doodle as they listened. The other half simply listened. Afterward, participants were asked to recall the names and places named in the recording. The results? The doodlers remembered almost 30 percent more of the requested information than the non-doodlers did.

Below is a list of Catherine Alred's things to know about doodling.  (Copies available at library while Oodles of Doodles is still on display)

What does YOUR doodling say about you?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Giving thanks for a wonderful donation

 In December, the Community Foundation of Lincoln County awarded CPL $250 for the after-school snack program.  On Sunday before her doodle class, Catherine Alred, representing CFOLC, took the opportunity to have a photo op moment of awarding the check to Debbie Myers, children programs director at CPL.
Thank you, Community Foundation of Lincoln County!

Catherine Alred and Debbie Myers
 The Community Foundation of Lincoln County states:  Our mission is to support, promote and encourage charitable giving that improves the quality of life within our communities.

It is the vision of the Community Foundation of Lincoln County to support efforts which help the citizens of Lincoln County reach their full human potential. The Foundation will recognize its donors through the awarding of grants with the potential to enrich the general quality of life in Lincoln County and make a significant impact on its people.

Funding is primarily for the benefit of Lincoln County. Preference is given to organizations that operate programs targeted for community based, community driven projects.

Fun at Doodle Class

Catherine Alred. Passionate about her art & willing to share all her secrets of the craft.

23 people attended the Sunday afternoon class

Catherine made the class fun with door prizes of doodle bookmarks & doodle cards, a guessing game to win candy with Pentel pens (the better to doodle with) and an original mounted doodle.

Ruidoso News article shares library history

Historical Potpourri: Feed an appetite for history at the library

Weather kept me away from Marlene Siepel’s program at Capitan Public Library (CPL). Siepel spoke of an idea that grew into a five-year display of historical quilts and into an actual book. I later traveled to Capitan to visit CPL and checked out her book, “Ladies of the Boot Heel – Their Stories with Their Quilts.”
The Hildalgo County Heritage Quilt Show Committee produced the book.
Seipel, now from Alto, was the library director at Lordsburg Hildalgo Library in 2007. She thought that the idea for a quilt show in a library would show women’s contribution to the settling and homesteading of Hildalgo County.

From a few books on a residential porch to a full-service public library today... that is the history of Capitan Public Library.
A dedicated group of volunteers keep this non-profit library active. It has become a vital, growing resource, serving not only Capitan but also many areas of Lincoln County.
In 1996 Judy Newman and a group of people began a mini library on Newman’s front porch at her residence on 2nd Street. In 1998 a building on Lincoln Avenue was turned into a regular library.
CPL acquired the present building in 2000. Built in 1924, it originally served as a Nazarene Church. Prior to CPL use it was a private residence.
Pat Garrett, library director, joined in the library effort in 1998, beginning as a four-hour volunteer and later also serving on the board.
The library is governed by a seven-member board of directors and is staffed entirely by volunteers, who number between 25 and 30 people. The board consists of Bill Jeffery (president), Kris Shearer (secretary), Sadie Mann (treasurer), Ronnie Sanchez, Gene Chewning, Sue Burke and Debbie Myers, who also serves as assistant director.
Stop at the library sometime to register and to get a card. They provide physical or digital access to material. Adult and children readers will enjoy browsing through the large areas of books, magazines, audiobooks and more. They have a discount book area. There are public computers with free Internet, as well as free Wifi. They have a book club, First Friday Lecture Series, an after school program and a summer reading program.
If you are in Capitan after library hours, a book drop for books checked out and due, is located in front of the library. While you are in Capitan visit the Not 2 Shabby Shop, the library’s resale shop across the street from the library, where you will find economic shopping.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Don't forget to take the NM FamilyPass on your next road trip

New Mexico FamilyPass

The New Mexico State Library, in partnership with local public libraries in New Mexico and the museums and historic sites of the Department of Cultural Affairs is excited to offer the New Mexico FamilyPass to library card holders throughout the state.
The FamilyPass provides free admission for up to six people to any of the Department of Cultural Affairs museums and historic sites.  Patrons borrow the pass, which circulates like other library materials. The sites are:
How to get and use the FamilyPass
  • Passes are available at any of the 120+ public libraries and their branches in New Mexico.   
  • The FamilyPass will circulate to library cardholders in good standing with the library.
  • Each pass will admit up to six people.
  • Passes may be used by community groups such as senior centers, after school clubs, summer camps, arts councils, and more!

People came to learn about the Orphan Train and were enlightened & entertained!

Class for Ruidoso Library FREE eBook & eAudiobook borrowing

Overdrive 101 for all your eBook & eAudiobook borrowing

                                 Come to the Ruidoso Public Library on Friday March 31st at 1:30 pm for Overdrive 101!  Bring your e-readers and learn to navigate the Overdrive "New Mexico Library to Go" Website!

 ANYONE can go to Ruidoso Library, to request a library card and then be able to check out eBooks & eAudiobooks. Just be sure you take the necessary items to get a card. Visit the Ruidoso Public Library and have with you a photo ID and a piece of information that contains your physical address (insurance bill/card, utility bill, vehicle registration, etc).  You will receive a patron card from the Ruidoso Public Library, and, when you give them a pin number, you will be able to download your book selections online – no need to physically visit the library anytime thereafter.