Sunday, September 15, 2019

Get Fit

This is a  month-long program created by the Lincoln County Community Health Council where I am a member. See attachment.
Once a year we sponsor, with others' help, a program encouraging exercise. For this year, it is primarily a walking program.
This month long event is for all ages. I will be there, behind the library and on the Links Trail, on Saturday mornings with food, water and encouragement to walk some or all of the Trail. We meet behind the Ruidoso Public Library.
Just want to come and socialize? That is OK too. Walking is at 10, party is at 11am!
See attached flyer as each week additional activities are provided and they are all free. For the week beginning 9.23, access to all activities is at the RAC, the Ruidoso Athletic Club.
Call or email me with any questions. I appreciate the time you are taking to consider this program. We are excited to have such good sponsors and interesting activities.
Clara Farah,Creative Aging, 575.973.7835,

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Artwork of Greg Haussler on display at library until Oct. 15

(Please note - Greg's paintings on display at the library are not for sale - but if you see something you like, call Greg at 575-354-2746 and discuss having a giclee made from his original artwork.)

Greg Haussler retired in 2003  from the Upper Hondo Soil & Water Conservation District/Natural Resources Conservation. He took painting lessons from local artist, Lorene Caywood.  He soon found that watercolor was his medium of choice.

One painting on the wall is not Greg's.  Sharing wall space with his grandpa is Greg's
 grandson, Russell Grant Allen, an 
aspiring artist

Greg's wife, Carol Keys, is an artist in her own right.  She  authored the family's personal story, Behind Her Smile: A Mother's Walk Through Her Daughter's Anorexia, and co-authored Sharing Moments Over Tea: The Journeys of Four Women.

Greg and Carol collaborate to create booklets for each of their grandchildren. Carol writes the story line and Greg illustrates.  They shared these booklets, which a few have been chosen to share with the public in this blog. 

 Below is an excerpt from a story in Vamonos/Ruidoso News 2010 written by Carol about Greg and his journey to becoming an artist.

A Mature Perspective  by Carol Keys

Barefoot and tanned to the color of dirt, a young boy skittered and slithered along the creek banks of rural Nebraska chasing butterflies and, sometimes, catching them in those long, hot  summers.  Occasionally, he would sketch these memories.  This child's name was Greg Haussler and he grew to young adulthood in the staked plains region of West Texas.

Greg was able to attend college at Texas Tech in Lubbock because the school was within walking distance of his house.  Like most freshman he had no clue what he wanted to major in, but knew that his heart lay in the mountains and hills with his beloved butterflies and birds.  

Perusing the college catalogue and knowing that his love was biology, but not teaching or research, he gravitated towards range management.  This is where he stayed, earning a degree in that area. 

His first job landed him in the mountains of Utah and, later, in northern New Mexico at Mora.  With an emerging career as a range conservationist and a wife and baby, there was no time for sketching, but still some time for bird watching and butterflies.

As the years blew by, Greg did find time to pursue his love of nature, hiking on ranches, farms, and federal land of New Mexico and other western states.  After 36 years with the Soil Conservation Service (now Natural Resources Conservation Service), Greg retired in 2003 in Lincoln County, expecting to relax, maybe watch a few birds from his deck and encourage butterflies to frequent his Capitan garden.  Of course, there was travel, and volunteer committees for church and the local hospital, but other than a little horseback riding and hiking, not much pressure.  

Then came the phone call. "Hello, Carol? This is Lorene (Caywood, a local art teacher).  I have an opening in my art class and wondered if Greg wanted to come?"

"Of course he does, Lorene," I gloated.  You see, I had been trying for years to get Greg to reconnect with his art.  Christmas and birthday gifts of art lessons went ignored and unused.  Now there was no choice.

Calling out the door, I reported, "Lorene just called and wants you to call her to say which day you want to take art lessons.  She has an opening.  And, oh yes, you probably need to see what she needs you to bring."  (Greg can be single-minded when pursuing his outdoor interest, but that definitely got his attention.)

Now, after years of art lessons, countless watercolors painted for friends and family and a few art shows, Greg is much more comfortable with his craft.  No surprise, he prefers nature scenes with a building or two thrown in. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

$5 a bag book sales

Saturday, September 7⋅10:00am – 2:00pm
On the 1st Saturday of every month. Fill a bag for $5 from our book sales room.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Book club discussion Sept 5

Book Club - Thursday, Sept 5 at 10 am @ the library

Set in 1960's London, Funny Girl is a lively account of the adventures of the intrepid young Sophie Straw as she navigates her transformation from provincial ingenue to television starlet amid a constellation of delightful characters. 

Insightful and humorous, Nick Hornby's latest does what he does best: endears us to a cast of characters who are funny if flawed, and forces us to examine ourselves in the process. (From the publisher.)

Reminder - sign up for village-wide yard sale

Village Wide Yard Sale
Register your Yard Sale at Capitan Public Library for a nominal  fee of $5 that covers area advertising in Newspapers/Online  publications. Yard Sale signs are the responsibility of the  resident. Direction maps will be available, 2 days prior to the  14th, at the library.

Veterans - note date for veteran assistance

Department of Veteran Services
Sept. 10th @ 9:30 A- 3:30 P
A representative, (Veteran Service Officer Danielle Thompson), from New Mexico Division of Veteran Services will be available  to counsel patrons and the general public. Sign up for a time  slot when you first arrive.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Happy Anniversary to N2SS on August 23rd. Thanks to all N2SS volunteers for their hard work and dedication

L-R: Nadette Welterlin-Hugg, Sue Donahue, Kay N2SS Mgr, Barbara Stewart, CPL
Paulette Arnone, CPL Director; and
 holding the cake: 
Pearl Tippin,CPL Board Member, N2SS treasurer

CPL Board members, Pat Garrett and Bill Jeffrey,
show off the wonderful sign given to
the library from the Capitan Women's Club

Come in and sign up to be part of the Village-wide Garage Sale. Get on the Map!

Volunteers needed - human variety preferred

Brought to you by the N2SS 
Our newest CPL volunteer-
🎵🎶SING SING 🎶🎵   
From left to right:
Charlene McKinney, CPL Volunteer; Kay N2SS Mgr; Shirley Pavlovic, CPL Volunteer;
Barbara Stewart, CPL Cataloger & Volunteer.
Front & Center-Sing Sing

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Volunteers needed

Creative Aging - Aug 23

Disasters strike. Be prepared. Make haste slowly.
Come for breakfast first! Presented by Shannon Miller.
While why we will be looking at disaster planning, we will also focus on those that are alone, or lonely and may need extra help in times of crisis.
We can learn to take the best care of ourselves as well as our neighbors who could use a helping hand.
Come and learn ways to do all this.
Come for a very "interesting and comfort food" breakfast by Cecile.
Come and see old friends and make new ones.
Please see attached flyer and call or email with questions.
Clara Farah, 575.973.7835.

Village-wide Garage Sale SEPT 14 - come sign up at the library & get on the map