Monday, April 16, 2018

Chautauqua at Ruidoso Library April 21

Rosie the Riveter: Working for Victory on the Home Front Saturday, APR 21 at 11 am to noon

The poster of Rosie the Riveter might be familiar to you – but just who is that woman in the red polka-dotted bandana? Rosie was a symbol for the more than six million women who joined the work force during World War II - women who riveted together planes, built bombs, lead symphony orchestras, were welders and machinists, police officers and cab drivers. Rosie personified the young mothers who left their homes and farms and traveled to work in the factories when many of the men in America had enlisted in the military to help defend the country. For many women, it was the first time in their lives they had earned a salary. They developed a camaraderie with their co-workers and were proud of their efforts as they worked for victory on the home front.

An actor in Albuquerque for nearly 25 years, Ann Beyke has performed in local theater, film, television and radio plays and extensively as a voice-over artist. She has portrayed Beryl Markham, Elizabeth Blackwell and Willa Cather and is pleased to have an opportunity to utilize the theater to bring to life one of the most influential women in modern history.

Ruidoso Library, 107 Kansas City Rd, Ruidoso 258-3704

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