Monday, April 23, 2018

Archaeologist wannabe? Local research of interest - check it out

 Presentation by Alexander Kurota on April 27th at the First National Bank Atrium in Alamogordo at 6:30. Alex is our newest research associate and has some extremely intriguing information to share regarding his recent work at White Sands Missile Range regarding the El Paso phase occupation that is centered around several playa lakes. As his presentation will show, a sizable population lived in a number of communities until about AD 1450. He will also be talking about the adobe pueblos of the same time period that were located in Alamogordo. We hope the public finds this of  interest and we hope to periodically have other presentations. It is FREE and Open to the Public, so please share this with others.    David Greenwald and the Jornada Research Institute

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