Monday, January 15, 2018

Expanding your Horizons by Looking into the Past - SUNDAY PROGRAM at the Library, January 28th at 2 pm:

Tiffanie Owen, schoolmarm in Lincoln

 "Going Old School in Lincoln:  Getting an Education on the Western Frontier" 

Join us on SUNDAY, January 28 at 2 pm for a slideshow presentation by Miss Owen, the schoolmarm in Lincoln.  She introduces the audience to the challenges of bringing education to the American frontier.  The building of a school in a frontier town signified that the "Wild West" was becoming a little less wild.  Schoolmarm Owen will share the trials and tribulations of both students and teachers in these early days of is hard to say whether these stories will make the audience grateful for the conveniences of schools today or long for the educational techniques of days gone by.

The presenter is Tiffanie Owen.  Tiffanie is the Instructional Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator for Lincoln and Fort Stanton Historic Sites.  She is a former middle-school teacher, Occupational Therapist, artist, musician and photographer.  Tiffanie's great-great grandfather, John Owen, was Sheriff of Lincoln County from 1902-1907.  For information on a presentation, tour, or volunteering at Lincoln or Fort Stanton, contact her at or 575-653-4025.
photo by Kenneth Walter 
Refreshments after the presentation so we can socialize and you can ask questions of the schoolmarm.  If you want to bring fingerfoods, please do.  All contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

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