Monday, December 4, 2017

Come see local youth perform in the Nutcracker

Joey Garcia portrays Uncle Drosselmeyer, Clara's magical godfather
who at the stroke of midnight, creates a fantasy world
of childhood enchantments for Clara.
See Dali Ballet Company's "The Nutcracker" this weekend at the Spencer Theater.
Emily Hutchinson portrayed an Arabian Dancer in last year's Dali Ballet Company's
production of "Nutcracker." She will dance the Spanish Dance lead
 this year, as well as Snowflake and Marzipan in this weekend's performances.

It's a dancer's dream to perform exquisite classics in professional venues. For over seventy dancers, that dream becomes reality when Dali Ballet Company of Ruidoso presents Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" Friday, December 8 at 7 PM and Saturday, December 9 at 2 PM and 7 PM at the Spencer Theater, north of Ruidoso.

Dali's dancers attain their dreams of lead roles after years of disciplined "working up" from corps du ballet.  Fans anticipate each year's "Nutcracker" to discover how dancers have matured into leads or soloists.  And because Dali's dancers are versatile, many perform different roles in one production. 

This year's Clara and Fritz, Alora Shaver of Ruidoso and Matthew Rabke of Capitan, both performed in previous "Nutcrackers" as well as other Dali ballets. In addition to their lead roles, Alora will also dance with Snowflakes and Matthew with Toy Soldiers and Candy Canes.

"Waltz of the Flowers" leads are Kaylee Hall, last year's Clara, and Anya Rabke, last year's Ballerina Doll. Kaylee leads Marzipan, is a Snowflake, and demi-solos Arabian with Gaby Martinez, who also dances Snowflakes and Waltz of the Flowers. 

Anya also dances Arabian, Marzipan and Snowflakes. 

Emily Musgrave interprets Rat King for the first time this year. In Act II see her versatility in Arabian, Snowflakes and Waltz of the Flowers.

Emily Hutchison is a seasoned performer of several "Nutcrackers." See her versatility as Spanish Dancer lead as well as in Marzipan, Snowflakes, Waltz of the Flowers and Arabian.

Courtney Daniels performs Dew Drop Fairy, one of many leads she has danced in many "Nutcrackers" since the age of five. This year she also leads Arabian and dances with Snowflakes and Spanish Dancers. 

Joey Garcia reprises Uncle Drosselmeyer in his third "Nutcracker" and has performed in numerous Dali productions.

Saddie Hillburn and Zoe Hillburn dance Nesting Doll leads. 

Ashtin Bright leads Candy Canes and dances Snowflakes, Marzipan and Waltz of the Flowers.

Mia Simpson solos as Gypsy Doll, understudies Clara, and also dances Chinese and Snowflakes.

Z'maury Zamora delights as the comedic Jester Doll and dances Chinese.

Hannah Anderson interprets Ballerina Doll and appears in Chinese.

Kathryn Paulos brings exuberance as the Chinese lead and dances Spanish, Waltz of the Flowers and Snowflake.

Brianna Leach solos Gingersnap and dances Marzipan, Snowflakes and Waltz of the Flowers.

Although not an artist or dancer, "ballet dad" Robbie Hall reprises his comedic turn as Mother Ginger whose ample skirt hides little Polichinelles.

Tickets are still available for this weekend's production. Call the Spencer Theater at 575-336-4800, or visit 
Follow Dali behind the scenes by visiting Dali Ballet Company on Facebook.

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