Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sunday programs

Thank you everyone who came out to the Jan 8 program - BookTalkers.  It was our first one, everyone seemed to like it and the Sunday afternoon was delightful.   Double thank yous to Amy for talking to us.  She left some of her books for sale at the library if you missed buying any.  CHECK OUT her Blog - she is talking about us!  PLUS - Noisy Water Winery always hosts Amy's book coming out party.  Amy will let me know when the 5th book publishes, so we can go to the winery to see the book and to (maybe or maybe not) taste some wine.

I'm working on the flyer & PR- but next BookTalkers is Feb 12 (Second Sunday) at 3 pm with Marlene Siepel and the book Ladies on the "Boot Heel" - Their Stories with Quilts.  What started as a community project to show women deserve a place in the Cowboy Hall of Fame became a historical quilt show and then a book.  Quite a genealogical journey for Hidalgo County. Thinking it be fun for us to bring in our historical quilts and have a show & tell.  What do you think? (I think Viggo Mortensen when I hear Hidalgo - sorry - just a momentary lapse into day dreaming.)

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